Occasional Links 68

International Development:

1) Foreign Policy: Five Population Trends to Watch.

2) The Ecologist: Behind the Eco Labels.

3) Guardian: Can science really save the world?

4) San Francisco Bay Guardian: Bjørn Lomborg tells climate-change worrywarts to chillax in Cool It.

5) AlterNet: The authors of the new book Break Through argue that scaring people with bad news about the environment is no way to get them to change – what’s needed is a dream we all want to be a part of.

Politics & Economics:

6) Commentary Magazine: The Past, Present and Future of Neoconservatism.

7) Inside Higher Ed: Who You Calling Heterodox?

Progressive Christianity:

8) digital.leadnet.org: Reaching the Post-Congregational Christian.

9) Christianity Today: Why I am not a Red-Letter Christian.


10) A very inspiring video: Thriller.