Occasional Links 7

International Development:

1) The role of tourism in aiding development here and here.

2) Instead of disaster tourism, you now have relief tourism. Check out this interesting organization: Relief Riders International.

3) A couple builds their own mobile sustainable home, an urban caravan. Story here. Their blog here.

4) Another article on America’s agricultural subsidies.


5) On the neo-conservative quandary in America.

6) Robert Wright on Progressive Realism – an American Foreign Policy that both Realists and Idealists should fall in love with. More on Progressive Realism for American Domestic Policy.

7) John Mackey, founder of Whole Foods Market, shares his thoughts on the freedom movement. He believes in freedom and prosperity, but not selfishness and greed. In another speech, he shares about his view of human development as a decline in egocentrism. Very interesting stuff by a very interesting guy!

Progressive Christianity:

8) In Sex and the Liberal Christian, find out the Liberal Christian’s view of Premarital Sex, Divorce, Abortion and Homosexuality.

9) Interesting articles here and here on how the Christian’s Quiet Time can actually become a bad thing – if done legalistically.


10) Yet another reason to hate love envy the good-looking: they do better in exams!