Occasional Links 8

International Development:

1) The Stanford Social Innovation Review on 10 innovative technologies that seek to solve the world’s problems.

2) WorldChanging has a good article on the inspiring approach to ecotourism by Dos Margaritas. Check out also some guides to ecotourism: Green Globe’s International Ecotourism Standard and Transitions Abroad Magazine’s Responsible Travel Handbook 2006.

3) How China and Russia deal with Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs).

4) Institute of Development Studies (IDS) has summarized some of the seminal work in international development research published since 1947 by authors who are or were based there. These include articles by Hans Singer, Dudley Seers, Richard Jolly, Michael Lipton and Robert Chambers.

5) The Welsh Joint Education Committee (WJEC), the official examination board for Wales, offers an A Level course in World Development. The curriculum covers six themes: development, resources and global citizenship; poverty and inequality; perspectives of development; economic development; political development; and social development. How interesting! For more information on the course, click here.

Politics & Economics:

6) Just what is wrong with Economics?

7) Is morality on Israel’s side?


8) An interesting article on taking the humanities to wider audiences without dumbing it down.

9) Philosopher Martha Nussbaum argues that in our globalized world, an arts education is more crucial than ever as a way to cultivate sympathy for others.

10) The secret to picking any lock? Potential Robin Hoods, check out this YouTube, read this document and do what you want thereafter, but never deviate from your calling to steal from the rich so as to give to the poor!