Occasional Links 9

International Development:

1) The Center for Global Development has released their latest Commitment to Development Index which ranks rich countries on how they help poor countries in seven policy areas.

2) Bill Gates embracing the commons? Well, at least when it comes to AIDS research.

3) Are the US$100 laptops for the poor all its made out to be?

4) What’s wrong with all these happiness indexes? How about the fact that in the first place they are not measures of happiness.

5) I don’t support free trade with abandon (though I believe free trade is more of an instrument for good than most critics care to admit) but I do believe in buying goods from poorer countries. Oh, and I did request a free “I buy goods from poorer countries” wristband and have already received mine!

Politics & Economics:

6) Does left and right still matter?

7) Is this the end of Libertarian politics?

Progressive Christianity:

8) An eminent scientist’s plea for Christian environmentalism.


9) One woman takes 5.5 years to ride a motorcycle around the world. One man takes over a year to walk across America to lose weight and regain his life.

10) Psychology Today on what makes us happy?