The Greater Marriage Feast?

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I attended a bible study today on Genesis 2. We discussed about man and woman. Then we also referred to Ephesians 5 about how the marriage of man and woman is meant to point to that of Christ and the Church (His bride).

It dawned upon me that earthly marriage between man and woman was meant to point to the true marriage that will happen in heaven in future. We will not have wives or husbands in heaven. Why? I guess it’s coz in heaven we’ll experience the marriage feast which earthly marriage was meant to point to. Therefore while we have the “real” thing, we don’t need husbands and wives in heaven anymore. Jesus seems to say the same thing in Matthew 22.

That thought can be scary. It can be sad. That means we’ll not be so close to our wife or husband in heaven. We won’t have that special relationship we have with them now on earth. My first thought is one of sadness.

I mean, of course God is first and above all our wife/husband. But we do have a different relationship with the one we love than we have with God. To know we will lose that special relationship with our spouse is something I think is sad.

But then that’s just from a human point of view of course. But I still think it’s sad now because I have not experienced heaven and that great marriage feast that earthly marriage is meant to point to. I’m sure when I experience it, then I’ll understand God’s plans better. I’m sure a higher level of intimacy and love awaits me there.

For now however, I’m not so spiritual to say, “Wow, I’m waiting for heaven. Then I can know truly that great marriage which will be greater than the earthly marriage.” That’s true, but seriously, inside me, I can’t wait till I get married, till I have someone special in my life that I love. I would never want to lose her. But I will one day. Doesn’t matter. When that happens in heaven, I am sure it will be good.

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  1. hm… can’t imagine the relationship of a husband and wife being compared to that with Christ. all i know is that my relationship with my husband will be the most special one. one that cannot be ‘recreated with anyone else’…


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