Thoughts : Politics (911)

Basketball, Terrorism and Retaliation: An article illustrating my perspective of the the events of September 11 using a real-life incident that occurred during an NBA a basketball game. (2002)

Differences, Truth and Terrorism: A letter published on the 4th of January, 2002 in the Today newspaper that speaks of the danger of treating important differences in opinions as mere diversity in life that ought to be tolerated. What is needed, rather, is to understand and resolve such differences as they could mean life or death to many.

Imperialism is Never Justifiable: An unpublished letter sent to The Straits Times on the 29th of October agreeing with an article that much humanitarianism in this world is often imperialism in disguise. (2001)

To Explain is Not to Excuse: This is an unpublished letter sent to the now defunct Singapore newspaper – Streats – on the 6th of October. As the title says, it’s about how seeking to explain the reasons for terrorism is not the same as excusing such acts. (2001)

The Need to Ask “Why?”: This is an unpublished letter sent to the The Straits Times on the 4th of October. I write about how it is important to ask the question of why the terrorists committed their act. If we want to be more successful about eliminating terrorism, we need to understand the root cause of it. (2001)

When They Just Don’t Get It: I sent a longer version of the above email – America’s Pain and That of the Rest of the World – to some of my Church friends. At least three people complained about it! And one of the elders actually talked to me about what I wrote. Here are some reflections over the incident, written on the 14th of October. My church’s response to this whole incident was one confirmation to me that the majority of Christians have failed in speaking out against (or caring about or doing anything about) the oppression and suffering many people in the world face – whether due to political oppression or plain poverty – and this played an important part in my decision to eventually leave that church, as well as in making me question much of the the Evangelical and organizational Christianity I had embraced for previous 6 years or so. You can read more about it here. (2001)

America’s Pain and That of the Rest of the World: Another modified email sent out to my friends on the 29th of September about American injustice that has caused such widespread anti-Americanism. (2001)

Is America Totally Innocent?: This is a modified version of my first email response to 911 which I sent to the Reformed-Charismatic Email Discussion List on the 15th of September. Most of the list members were Americans and naturally did not take too nicely to what I said! September 11, 2001 was an event that accelerated my interest in international political affairs which made me realize how much injustice exist in the world, as well as how ignorant most people (including Americans) are to the atrocities carried out by the American Government in the past. (2001)

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