America’s Thirst for War

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America is once again showing what a big bully she truly is. The way she and her allies (Britain and Australia) have reacted to Iraq’s offer to allow the UN weapons inspection team back into Iraq without conditions shows their reluctance to want to go the UN route to solve the Iraq issue. President Bush has already clearly stated that his administration’s policy is “regime change” and they would pursue it whether the UN approves of any attacks or not.

As Nelson Mandela said recently,

What right has (U.S. President George W. Bush) to come and say that that offer is not genuine. We must condemn that very strongly. That is why I criticize most leaders, all over the world, for keeping quiet when one country wants to bully the whole world.

All the talk by the US about giving Iraq a deadline to act just a few days ago has proven to be nonsense. President Bush was indeed lying through his teeth when a couple of days ago he said that “I hope he does, but I’m highly doubtful.” Highly doubtful he certainly was of a positive Iraqi response. But his response to Iraq’s concession showed clearly what a liar he is. His statement of hope was only a public relations stunt to convince people that he wants a peaceful resolution. In reality, he never hoped for much but war, regime change and inevitably thousands of innocent victims (collateral damage, they call it).

Indeed, when Iraq acted – and surely much sooner than the US had expected – President Bush was caught off guard. Now that Iraq has acted, and the fact that the US had already succumbed to International and domestic pressure to go to the UN, they are now wishing they hadn’t. And I’m sure in the next couple of days the US will do all it can to discredit Iraq’s offer. I wouldn’t be surprised if they suddenly revert back to their unilateralistic ways and seriously prepare for war before the verdict by the UN inspections team is out. After all, recent events have suggested clearly that the US really wants war, not peace.

America is starting to show her true colours. And the world ought to be worried about it. For the sake of the peace of mankind, what we don’t need now are people who only thirst for blood and war. Evidence is not yet out that Iraq is seeking more destruction and war. But the verdict has just come out for America.

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