From Deterrence to Pre-emption: America’s Arrogant Unilateralism

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The shift of security strategy from deterrence to pre-emption is a dangerous move by the United States and bad news for the rest of the world. It also, arguably, violates international law.

The United States is once again showing its unilateralism (let us not forget Kyoto and the International Criminal Court) and setting a dangerous precedent in international relations. Their new National Security Strategy recently drawn out is full of arrogant statements that one would not expect from the nation which constantly boasts of its benevolence.

Basically, America thinks she is king of the world and no one else has the right to question her authority and power. What kind of impression is that going to give to the world – especially her allies, who are now being told that America will not hesistate to act alone and pre-emptively without their approval if they don’t agree with her?

Their great willingness to go at it alone without support from the world brings into question the relevance of international law and the United Nations. No one nation should be allowed to think its decisions are infallible and always right. Nor should any one nation be allowed to resort to great violence that could result in many thousands of “innocent” deaths without consultation with, and approval from, other nations as well as adherence to international law.

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