Imperialism is Never Justifiable

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In the midst of all the talk about our own General Elections, it is very easy to forget what’s going on in Afghanistan and abroad – very much the talk-of-the-town topic just two weeks ago. Yet I believe it is so necessary to confront the issues that are being debated as it relates to the awful September 11 tragedy. Singaporeans after all are pretty safe for now. Not so for those in Afghanistan and others around the world that face constant military intimidation. In this light, may I commend Andy Ho’s excellent and thought-provoking article “The stink of imperialism” (The Sunday Times, December 28).

Andy Ho raises a very important point. We need to look beyond the labels that our respectable foreign leaders give to their military intervention. It’s pure propaganda through use of euphemisms when we are told that American and Nato foreign policies and military interventions are done in the name of, and for the good of, humanity. I don’t think the innocent who died at the hands of their “militarised humanism” or “humanistic militarism” – oxymorons of the highest kind – would think so.

May I put to the readers that not only does Andy Ho’s article explain what’s in fact happening in Afghanistan behind all the masquerading of America’s “benevolence”, but it also gives us some insight to the reason why the terrorists and so many around the world hate America and Western countries so much. I propose the reason is precisely because of all the imperialistic militarism that has been carried out by Western countries – especially America – in the Middle East.

The attacks of September 11 were not attacks against Western “democracy” and “freedom” as we are so often told. This is true, to the extent that colonialism stinks and imperialism is never justifiable – eventhough you’re the most powerful country in the world. Until the West learns this lesson, only then shall the whole world be a positive step closer to being safe from terrorism and the like.

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