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Hating Singapore’s Pragmatism: A blog entry on Singapore’s pragmatic (read: unprincipled) foreign policy which includes some frank acknowledgements by government officials. (2006) [Blogged here]

War in Iraq: in Singapore’s Interest?: An unpublished letter sent to The Straits Times on the 18th of March, 2003 arguing – contrary to Lee Hsien Loong and based on his three criteria of what Singapore’s interests are – that support for the US-led war in Iraq is not in Singapore’s best interest.

Our Government’s Pragmatic and Unprincipled Choice: An unpublished letter sent to The Straits Times on the 7th of June, 2003 commenting on the Singapore government’s pragmatic and unprincipled choice in supporting America’s war in Iraq. I also state that unless Singaporeans are willing to sacrifice prosperity for morality, our government will remain pragmatic – as well as unprincipled, when needed – as it sucks up to richer nations for the sake of our economy.

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