Graciousness Epitomized; Graciousness Lacking

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It is with amazement that I read in The New Paper (November 1) of the forgiveness extended to the bus driver by the parents of Agnes, who was killed in a collision with a Bus along Henderson Road on 2nd September. Such graciousness not only touches my heart, but it makes me wonder why our own Prime Minister and Senior Minister could not exhibit that same gracious spirit in the case of Dr. Chee Soon Juan.

Showing grace is about looking beyond justice. Sure, justice may demand compensation from Dr. Chee Soon Juan for his allegations. But justice isn’t always the issue here. That’s where being gracious comes in.

What a powerful image it will portray to the country if our Senior Minister and Prime Minister would display a gracious spirit in this situation. Such does not require great leaps of faith or sacrifice, but merely for them to exhibit to us what they so often asked of their countrymen. What a great irony it would be if Singaporeans can only celebrate the exemplary spirit of the girl’s parents – who forgave despite a crime against one’s life – but not that of our very own leaders who would not forgive despite a lesser crime – a crime against one’s reputation.

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