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Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Organized into different topics below (and in the drop down menus above) are some of the stuff I’ve written. They include formal articles published in student newsletters or magazines, short journal-like reflections, letters (published and unpublished) sent to newspapers, personal emails, University essays, etc. They reflect my thoughts and aspirations, beliefs and ideals. Most of what I’ve written I would still agree with today, though I’ve also changed some of my thinking along the years and I’m sure I’ll continue to do so in future. After all, as they say, learning is lifelong. Nevertheless, all that I’ve written have been a part of me at one time or another in my life.

Progressive Christianity (Theology):
Being Dogmatic: the “When” and the “How”

A Stages of Christian Faith Theory (2006)
Biblical Dialectics (2006)
The Subconscious Bias at Work in Conservative and Liberal Interpretations of Scripture (2006)
God’s Judgement and Justice (2006)
Emergent and Emerging Christianity (2006)
Christianity and Idealism (2005)
Kierkegaard and a Prophet: Postmodernism’s Pros and Cons (2004)
Theological Pilgrimage – the 5th Stage (2004)
Predestination, Universalism and Justification? (2004)
Thoughts on New Creation Church – and Grace, Faith, Health and Wealth (2004)
On Being a Worldly Christian (1998)

Progressive Christianity (Poverty):
Goforth National Missions Conference 2005

My Choice of Pope: Jorge Mario Bergoglio (2005)
World’s Suffering, Christians’ Apathy but “God is in Control!” (2002)
Above All… (2002)
Isaiah 58: Beyond the Individual to the Social (2002)
The Gospel, Healing and Social Action (2002)

Progressive Christianity (Missions):

Marketplace, Missional and Missions (2006) [Blogged here]
God Calling More Christians to the Third World? (2006) [Blogged here]

Progressive Christianity (Politics):

Bush and Evangelicalism (2004)
Church Camp vs. Political Conference (2002)
Easter Morning Protest (2002)
Christians Changing the World through Politics? (2002)
Seeing the Far Near (2002)
Christianity as the Opiate of the Masses? (2001)

Progressive Christianity (Homosexuality):

Leaving Free Community Church (2005)
More on Free Community Church – too Liberal for my Liking? (2004)
Settling into a New Church – Free Community Church (2004)
Thoughts on Christianity and Homosexuality (2002)

Progressive Christianity (Others):

Ted Haggard and How and Who God Blesses (2006) [Blogged here]
Ted Haggard and the Progressive Christian Response (2006) [Blogged here]
My Faith in Australia (2003)
Does Living Your Christianity in This World Entail a Clash of Ideologies? (2002)
Struggles with Organizational Christianity (2002)
The Attraction of the Radical Nature of Cults (2002)

Poverty and the Moral Responsibility of the Rich to the Poor
Encountering Peter Singer (2003)
To Alla in Ukraine – with Love… (2003)
Nearly Quitting my Studies – to Immediately Serve the Poor! (2002)
Response Letter to Wheaton College (2002)
Why am I so blessed? (2002)
When Nothing Else Matters… (2002)
Now to Live the Life (2001)
Overabundance and Deprivation (2001)
The Christian, Ramadan and Fasting (2001)

International Development:
The World Bank, the IMF and the Anti-Globalization Movement
(2006) [Blogged here]
Book Review of James Scott’s “Seeing Like a State”
Country Policy Brief on Singapore
Singapore’s Role in International Development
Book Review of William Easterly’s “The Elusive Quest for Growth”
The Motives of the “Anti-Globalization” Activists
The Lesser of Two Evils or a Third Humane Alternative
Reflections on the “Anti-Globalization” Movement

Politics (Social Justice):

Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty? (2007) [Blogged here]
Creating Social Change: an “Ends Justify the Means” vs. “Means Justify the Ends” approach (2006)
Soccer and Social Conscience (2004)
“I’m a Simple Person but you call me Complex!” (2002)
“Rather than Love, than Money, than Fame, give me Truth.” (2001)
Christians in Complicity with the Military (2001)

Politics (War & Peace):

America’s Credibility Already Lost (2003)
War Not a Last Resort and Therefore Not Just (2003)
Reasons for Not Going to War (2003)
From Deterrence to Pre-emption: America’s Arrogant Unilateralism (2002)
America’s Thirst for War (2002)

Politics (911):

Basketball, Terrorism and Retaliation (2002)
Differences, Truth and Terrorism (2002)
Imperialism is Never Justifiable (2001)
To Explain is Not to Excuse: (2001)
The Need to Ask “Why?” (2001)
When They Just Don’t Get It (2001)
America’s Pain and That of the Rest of the World (2001)
Is America Totally Innocent? (2001)

Politics (Protests):

Protesting: Speaking Out for the Oppressed (2002)
The Culture of Dissent: Activism 101 (2002)
Labor Day Rally in Sydney (2002)

Politics (Others):

Uninspired by the IOC’s Bidding Process (2005)

Singapore (Economic Development):
Economic Prosperity at All Cost? (2003)

Singapore (Human Rights & Freedom):

PAP Should Strengthen its Alternatives for Singapore’s Greater Good (2005)
Please Allow Singaporeans to Mature (2003)
The Peacefulness of Protests (2003)
Apathy of Singaporeans Towards International Affairs (2002)
Graciousness Epitomized; Graciousness Lacking… (2001)

Singapore (Education):

The Cultivation of Passion in our Education System (2003)
MOE Should Offer Students a Wider Range of Language Choices (2002)
The Value of Literature (2002)
The Economy and the Education System (2001)

Singapore (Foreign Policy):

Hating Singapore’s Pragmatism (2006) [Blogged here]
War in Iraq: in Singapore’s Interest? (2003)
Our Government’s Pragmatic and Unprincipled Choice (2003)

Singapore (Islamic Issues):

Headscarves and National Integration? (2003)
The Tudung Issue and the PKMS (2003)
Muslim Concerns Unacknowledged by the Singapore Government (2002)

Singapore (Maids):

Singapore’s Maids and Graciousness (2003)
Oppression in my Own Backyard (2002)

Others (The Outsider):

Respecting Your Elders and Submitting to Authorities (2006) [Blogged here]
Living out Your Dreams (2001)

Others (Romantic Love):

A Severe Mercy, the Shining Barrier and the Secret to Everlasting Love (2000)
The Greater Marriage Feast? (2002)

Others (Application Essays):

The Beginning and Development of my Christian Faith and its Impact on my Life (2001)
A Culture of Reading and Learning (2001)
A Passionate Idealist Struggles to Exist in a Nonideal World (2001)
Global Knowledge Leads to Compassion for Third-World People (2001)

Others (Miscellaneous):

My Love for Canada (2005)
Encountering Anne Frank and the Mask we all Wear (2003)
Living a Passionate and Exciting Life (2001)

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