Thoughts : Progressive Christianity (Others)

Ted Haggard and How and Who God Blesses: How do we reconcile the fact that God still blessed Ted Haggard’s ministry eventhough he was in sin?: “Ultimately, the only way we can reconcile all this is to believe that God still blesses the imperfect and the disobedient. In fact, if He were to only bless Christians and churches which have got everything (doctrine, practices, etc.) right, no Christian or church would be blessed by Him. Indeed, to say that God only blesses the obedient and those who preach a theologically perfect message is to underestimate how sinful and theologically inept we all are.” (2006) [Blogged here]

Ted Haggard and the Progressive Christian Response: About how a Progressive Christian should respond to the Ted Haggard saga – i.e. in grace. (2006) [Blogged here]

My Faith in Australia: About my faith in Australia – my encounters with fundamentalist Christian groups, Christian responses to social action…etc. (2003)

Does Living Your Christianity in This World Entail a Clash of Ideologies?: Reflections on Christianity as being counter-cultural. (2002)

Struggles with Organizational Christianity: Part of my email to a non-Christian friend about the struggles and disappointments I’ve had with organizational Christianity. I do believe in sharing my struggles even with a non-Christian. Organizational Christianity is imperfect (as everyone knows that) and acknowledging that and being honest about it can do more to help a questioning and thinking unbeliever see the attractiveness of my faith. There’s no need to put on a front and speak as though being a Christian and being part of the Christian community will free one from all problems. A progressive faith will acknowledge that we don’t have all the answers and that we’re still on a journey – it is a struggling and even sometimes doubting faith. (2002)

The Attraction of the Radical Nature of Cults: I write here of my belief that one attractive characteristic of cult groups is the radical way in which they live out their beliefs. Orthodox Christians can learn much from this and progressive Christianity seeks to take seriously issues that traditional Christianity has mostly given lip service to. (2002)

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