Thoughts : Progressive Christianity (Politics)

Bush and Evangelicalism: An unpublished letter sent to The Straits Times on the 6th of November, 2004 in which I state many Evangelicals do not support George Bush and that God is neither a Republican nor a Democrat.

Church Camp vs. Political Conference: Reflections one month into my University life when I had the option to either spend the Easter weekend at a Church camp or a political conference. No prizes for guessing which one I chose :) (2002)

Easter Morning Protest: Reflections on the Easter morning protest rally I participated in. I touch on the Christian’s role and involvement in politics. (2002)

Christians Changing the World through Politics?: Reflections about whether it is legitimate for Christians to be working for political and social change on this earth. (2002)

Seeing the Far Near: Thoughts about the immediate and tangible impact that stems from involvement in full-time Christian ministry versus the much slower and more intangible impact one will make through involvement in political and social change. The temptation is to follow the orthodox route to serving God in full-time Christian ministry due to the more immediate transformation in other people’s lives that such a vocation produces. (2002).

Christianity as the Opiate of the Masses?: Some reflections on the lack of social and political involvement in the present world by Christians. (2001)

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