Thoughts : Progressive Christianity (Poverty)

Goforth National Missions Conference 2005: I describe a Missions Conference I attended in Singapore which surprisingly featured slightly progressive ideals – concern for the poor through holistic missions. I also touch a bit on Church Planting Movements (CPM).

My Choice of Pope: Jorge Mario Bergoglio: I wish Bergoglio became the Pope! Though theologically conservative, he has a real heart for the poor – a true servant leader! What a statement it would have been had he become the Pope. (2005)

World’s Suffering, Christians’ Apathy but “God is in Control!”: I reflect upon how the conservative Evangelical section of the Church lacks social radicalism in their messages and sermons. We tend to hear and care more about uplifting assurances that “God is control despite the suffering in the world” rather than the radical call to Christians to help these people. (2002)

Above All…: Some personal reflections while listening to and thinking about the popular Christian worship song, “Above all”. If the One above all could suffer and think of us above all, shouldn’t we Christians imitate after our Savior and sacrifice our lives for the many suffering in this world? (2002)

Isaiah 58: Beyond the Individual to the Social: Reflections upon Isaiah 58 and how “true fasting” to God goes beyond the personal and individual into the social. (2002).

The Gospel, Healing and Social Action: An abridged version of an email sent to a friend touching on my views on healing and social action. Although progressive in theological thinking, I’ve not let go of my Charismatic roots. I thus believe very much in miracles and supernaturalism, unlike liberal Christians (2002). For more on my views of healing and the faith (prosperity gospel) movement, go here: Thoughts on New Creation Church.

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