Thoughts : Progressive Christianity (Theology)

Being Dogmatic: the “When” and the “How”: In the light of countless disagreements among Christians over interpretations of Scripture, I propose here my view on when we Christians should be allowed to be dogmatic and how we should be dogmatic. (2006)

A Stages of Christian Faith Theory: Some thoughts on a theory of the stages of Christian faith and how it relates to my own Christian journey. (2006)

Biblical Dialectics: Thoughts on how the Bible seems to promote seemingly contradictory truths, or truth in dialectical form. (2006)

The Subconscious Bias at Work in Conservative and Liberal Interpretations of Scripture: I argue in here that both the theologically Conservatives and Liberals need to recognize the subconscious bias at work in their interpretations of Scripture. (2006)

God’s Judgement and Justice: I describe my thoughts on social justice in political philosophy and how this relates to God’s judgement. How would God judge people who, through no fault of their own, were born into circumstances that made them less likely to believe in Christ or were born with homosexual inclinations? (2006)

Emergent and Emerging Christianity: Describes the “tradition” of Christianity that I would most identify with at this stage of my life. (2006)

Christianity and Idealism: I’ve always been an idealist. Here, I relate idealism to Christianity in two particular ways (though more so the first than the second): 1) the Christian call to reach the lost in a non-secretive way without fearing persecution and 2) the Christian call to sacrifice one’s standard of living to help the poor. (2005)

Kierkegaard and a Prophet: Postmodernism’s Pros and Cons: A meeting with a prophet, resulting in some reflections on Søren Kierkegaard’s “Fear and Trembling” and how this relates to Postmodernism. (2004)

Theological Pilgrimage – the 5th Stage: Writing in mid-2004, I describe the 5 theological phases I’ve been through during my Christian life.

Predestination, Universalism and Justification?: Some of my thoughts on some Reformed beliefs I no longer hold to! (2004)

Thoughts on New Creation Church – and Grace, Faith, Health and Wealth: Some thoughts on the “grace”, “faith” and “health and wealth” teachings of one of the largest churches in Singapore. (2004)

On Being a Worldly Christian: This article describes how the Christian ought to live his life as one in this world but not of it. This is the earliest of my writings that can be found on this site. It’s something I wrote many years ago and thus represents my view at that time – which was about 3 or 4 years into my Christian life and at a time when I was very into Reformed Theology. My views have changed much since then and if I were to write on this topic today, I would say things differently and exclude some things I’ve written here. Also, I would add the important scriptural principle of using one’s liberty wisely. (1998)

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