Tongues Prayer Meeting In Singapore

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Updated: July 2024

If you're interested in attending a regular 4 or 8 or 16 or 24 hour Tongues prayer meeting in Singapore, do let me know by leaving your contact details and a message expressing your interest in the contact form below.

You can also visit the Singapore Tongues Prayer Meeting webpage.

A group of friends and I meet face-to-face regularly (every week) to pray in tongues together for 5 hours during one of the weekdays - normally 12pm to 5pm.

We believe in the power of praying in tongues for extended periods of time. Of course all this can be done at home and individually but we meet to pray in tongues together in order to help discipline ourselves to do so - and I also think there's a different level of energy when people come together.

We are all from different churches so it doesn't matter which church you're from - our main purpose is to come together and pray in tongues together. Except for occasional breaks in between, we try not to talk to each other or even minister to each other. The focus is 100% on praying in tongues and communing with God. Fellowship and getting to know each other occurs after the meeting :)

I started praying in tongues when I was a teenager after God changed my life in an Assembly of God Church - Elim Church in Singapore. However, like most Charismatic Christians, I prayed in tongues very occasionally. It was only after I read Dave Roberson's book "The Walk Of The Spirit - The Walk Of Power" did I start to understand the importance of praying in tongues for extended periods of time. Since then, sometimes I would spend many many minutes praying in tongues and there was a year in my life when I would spend my Mondays praying in tongues for about 8 hours at East Coast Park (it was easier for me to stay disciplined doing so when I was outside walking - rather than in my room where I would easily get distracted).

I hope to be able to some day form a group to do regular (once every few months) 16 to 24-hour praying in tongues. So anyway, if you're interested to join us, do drop me a message below.

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